Insight is an organisation that sort to stand in the gap for young people, refugees and minority groups in London most particularly in the Bexley London Borough who are often found

to be facing challenges in finding accommodation or sustaining their tenancies. People that fall into this category are often found to have limited knowledge of the interlinked UK benefit, welfare, public services systems and housing because they are new in the country. Getting a suitable social housing can be challenging due to limited knowledge & competition hence, many people are often found to be left with only one option, private renting (sometimes bed and breakfast). However, the rent in the private sector can be expensive. But if you are on benefits or have a low income, you can claim housing benefit. Bear in mind that it may not cover all the rent and won’t cover meals, cleaning or bills even if they are included in the rent. So you will probably have to pay the difference from your other income. Insight experienced professionals will work closely with you to help you claim and check whether you can get any other benefits.

Insight advisers can give you clear direction or tell you:

• What benefits you may be entitled to and help you to claim them.

• Can arrange a contact or link you with a local scheme that can help if you don’t have money for a deposit.

• Explain how to apply for a loan or grant to cover rent in advance.

• Can shed light on direction to take or tell you if there is any other specialist help available in your area.

• Insight can also help if you have problems with your claim and can link you with private landlord in the area that accepts people on housing benefit. Remember that it may not cover all the rent and you will have to make up any shortfall from your wages, other benefits or training allowance.