Facts and statistical trends have directly linked homelessness with unemployment over the years. With these established facts, Insight has therefore initiated some strategies to develop the processes leading to gaining

freedom from the challenging circumstances associated with unemployment that in turn lead to homelessness, lifestyles dependent on long-term benefit claims and on the state. In order to avert the mentioned trends, Insight has instigated the following projects to help overcome the identified challenges by adding value to the lives of young people who use our services:

• Develop and organise employment enhancement training .e.g. CV development workshops for young adults, the marketing skills needed to presenting your knowledge and skills on CV, the best approach to presenting a compelling presentation at interviews, etc.

• Independence maximisation & enhancement training

• Building an effective customer service, managing customers’ expectations & satisfaction, approach to systematic improvements, developing positive perception of your organisation.

• Set platform for active & experienced managers to share their day to day management experience of their expanding businesses with young people, aspiring leaders and employment seekers, hence preparing them for the mainstream job market opportunities.

• Create a platform for young adults on how to carry out effective liaison in the market place and in teams.

• Insight’s focus is to work with young people to develop the ”life skills” associated with managing and living a better quality of life; help to accomplish ambitions and let them realise that the most important life skill is their ability to learn. That is, the tools needed to equip themselves for a more productive and fulfilling future. Insight provides a platform for the young people we engage with to learn indirectly through experience of mentors and practice.